Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Roommates Wanted

This blog has been decomissioned. If you need a lift to the Tionól or are looking for a roommate, please leave a comment on the Roommates and Ride-Sharing blog post on the main Tionól website.


Music Stuff said...

It is August 13th and I see I missed the boat on signing up for accomodations at 2012 Northeast Tionól at Gavins. Is anyone (female) seeking a room mate?
Please let me know.

BenW said...
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BenW said...

I'm looking for a bed in a room at Gavin's as well. Please let me know if you have one to spare! - Ben Wang

Brad Hurley said...

Posting on behalf of Lila Feingold:

I, too, have missed my chance to reserve a room at Gavins. Anyone looking for a female roommate, please contact me at

feingoll (at) earthlink (dot) net


Stace said...

Also looking for a roomate (female)! Gavin's or anywhere else, double up and save money, I can sleep on the floor, really don't take up much room! You can contact me at

Jerry Freeman said...

I've been fortunate to get a double room at Gavin's after someone had a change of plans. I'll need a roommate to share the cost and fill the other half of the room. (Full disclosure: I'll be bringing my whistles, so there will be whistle activity in the room.)


Best wishes,

BenW said...

Hi Jerry, I'd love to take that spot. Thanks for posting.

Jerry Freeman said...
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GreenMountainBoy said...

I have also missed the boat on Gavin's... Anyone in need of a room-mate?

yasir qayyum said...

You may find a roomamte of your liking on the link below.
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